About Us

Our Mission

We serve forward-thinking businesses that are willing to adopt

and leverage technology. We provide them with technology

solutions and systems that bring security, productivity, and

efficiency. By working with us, our customers will have an

outstanding experience leveraging technology so they can focus

and execute without distraction or frustration. We will be

successful when our customers embrace and have peace of mind

using technology in their businesses.

Our Team

Travis Barker


Cody Griffith

Operations Manager

Deserea Krueger

Brand Awareness Specialist

Josh Osterhoudt

Project & Service Coordinator



“Our first experience with EZ IT was helping us streamline some database applications that were used to manage the office and work processes. Once we realized how much benefit they were creating, we began to expand technology into every area of the business. They have completed many specialized projects and custom solutions for us specific to our industry. I rarely hear from EZ IT that they cannot do something, but rather give me different solutions to solve my problem. Our mutual collaboration has reduced labor costs and increased productivity company wide.”

- RJ Thomas

Thomas Livestock Company


“I just wanted to let you all know how much I have appreciated the work you have done. Thank you for helping us get our electronic and HIPPA compliance needs on track. I feel our system is much more secure because of your work. Thank you for your quick responses to our questions and our in-house technological needs. Thank you for working with the Board of Directors for guidance with the current and forward-thinking projects that we have. You guys have certainly tried to make these transitions as easy as possible. Thank you for your positive attitudes and all the work you do!

-Karen K. Connely

Off Broadway Apartments


EZ IT has the experience and knowledge to tackle not only the mundane day to day operation of a network that helps keep people working, but also provide solutions for the more technical side of networks and systems within an organization with cutting edge technology. Having EZ IT be our only source for IT services has saved hiring an individual for the position, ultimately saving our customers money.”

- Rick Nelson

Custer Public Power District

CEO’s Corner

Travis Barker

CEO of EZ IT Solutions

My whole life, I have obsessed over the power

of technology and the great potential it has in

making a great change in society. I used to work

in the military doing Cybersecurity which

opened me up to a whole new world of

technology. Ever since my time in the military,

I started talking to a lot of business owners

around my town. After speaking to them, I saw

a common theme between the lack of security

within businesses and the monotonous errors

businesses face with their technology which

slows them down from expanding their

business at a massive rate. Ever since then, Ive

taken it upon myself to use the skills I learned

from the military and bring it to the lives of

every day companies to make sure no company

is ever faced with technology or cybersecurity

issues ever again.